ASSM Milestones
4 February 2014

ASSM Senate Bill 1401 introduced to State Legislature

24 April 2014

SB 1401 signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer

8 July 2014
ASSM 501(c)3 Status Approved
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ASSM Logo and Patch

     Water, water everywhere is appropriate as the theme of the Silent Service memorial logo designed by the ASSM Committee.  The logo which can be worn as a patch or a lapel pin depicts the submarine dolphin pin totally submerged. Dolphins as they are called are awarded to submariners when they become qualified in submarines.  The submarine in the middile of the pin is flanked by two dolphins believed to be named 'Castor and Pollux' who are thought to be the escorts of the Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon.    

The Chamber

     ASSM Bill SB 1401 introduced to Arizona State Legislature on 2 April 2014. 


Chief Quartermaster Danny Ray Moss, USN (Retired) ASSM Founding Member

     Dan Moss originally from Fort Collins, CO entered the naval service in 1956 and served for twenty-three years on five submarines.  He retired from the NROTC unit, University of New Mexico in 1979. Dan is a graduate of the University of Albuquerque with an MBA from the College of Santa Fe. He serves in the capacity as First Base Commander of Denver Chapter of USSVI and District 5 Commander, USSVI.  As a submarine veteran, Dan has served on USS TUNNY (SSG-282), USS ALBACORE (AGSS-569), USS JOHN MARSHALL (SSBN-611), USS SAM RAYBURN (SSBN 635) and the USS BARB (SSN-596).  He lives in Phoenix with his wife, Layne, who is also a member of the ASSM Committee..


Renee Palmer-Jones, ASSM Artist

     Renee Palmer-Jones lives, teaches and creates in north Phoenix, Arizona. She is renowned for versatility of subject matter that spans large abstract compositions and murals to fine, traditional portraiture.  Her specialty is creating commissioned works in all genres for discerning collectors around the country. 

     In 2013, Renee helped the ASSM committee with the design of the memorial to honor those who served in submarine. More about Renee is available on her website by clicking here.


Conceptual Design on the Plaza

     The memorial which is centered in the designated area measures 11 feet high, 14 feet long, and 6 feet deep. Click the image for larger view.  Click the image for larger presentation.



Conceptual Aerial View

   The base of the monument will be surrounded by about 3,950 inscribale memorial pavers covering approximately 1,957 square feet of the memorial footprint.


Conceptual Front View

  The front view of the memorial depicts the bronze plaque, a pair of gold (officer) dolphin insignia, and a nuclear attack submarine replica at the top bursting through the ocean's waves in an emergency ascent.

ASSM Brick Paver Program ASSM Brick Paver Program

    Individually engraved brick pavers can be purchased which will be placed at the Memorial.  Click here to learn more about the ASSM Brick Paver Program and where you can order your brick(s) today.


Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza Diagram

     Proposed location of the ASSM on the Plaza is with a blue five-point star on the map.  For larger image, and more information about the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, click here.



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