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   It is with immense saddness to post this information about the loss of the Indonesian Navy's Cakra Class diesel electric submarine named KRI NANGGALA-402.  The submarine was lost at-sea north of the island of Bali on Wednesday, 21 April 2021 while performing training exercises in waters as deep as 2,300 feet.  The Indonesia Navy recovered debris they believe originated from the Nanggala-402 and its crew of 53 who are now on Eternal Patrol. Shown is the submarine's insignia or ship's patch. Clicking on the image will take you to an article that describes the Nanggala which represents a divine and powerful spear. 


     To the crew of the Nanggala, rest in peace on your Eternal Patrol. Kepada awak Nanggala, istirahatlah dengan tenang di patroli abadi Anda.


Indonesian Navy Submarine Insignia (all ranks)

A Tribute to the crew of the Indonesian Navy Submarine KRI NANGGALA-402
To make a donation to the ASSM in the name of the KRI NANGGALA-402, please use the Donate button found on this website and add the sub's name Nanggala in the comment box that is provided.  Thank you.



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Dan and Layne Moss are commended by the USSVI's Western Region Commander for their work on the Memorial. Click here to read.



17 April 2021 10:00 AM

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Welcome to the

Arizona Silent Service Memorial

Foundation Website


     The Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) monument now stands at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza located in the “front yard” of the Arizona State Capitol Complex, 1700 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ. It is the 33rd memorial at the Plaza where visitors will find various statutes memorializing organizations, people, and events. 

     The ASSM stands as the Plaza's only tribute to the United States Navy's "silent service" and all submarines and submarine veterans who have served, are serving, or will serve our nation.  The ASSM memorial began as a concept and over a six-year period evolved to its completion through the hard work and dedication Phoenix, Arizona Perch Base Chapter of the United States Submarine Veterans (USSVI) members, their friends and families.  These submarine veterans conceptually developed the monument, sought and achieved approval from the Arizona State Legislature, raised the necessary  funds to construct the monument's features and achieve its presence as the only and one-of-a-kind monument dedicated to submarine veterans.

    Through the dedication, leadership and committment of corporations, individuals, and businesses from across the country, the monument was dedicated in a special "Lei Cutting" Ceremony on 28 September 2020, the day it was officially opened to the public.

    This unique monument includes many historic tributes and powerful symbolic features that honors our nation's mighty submarine force since it was established by the U.S.Navy on 11 April, 1900.  The major feature of the monument is the center piece, created by a submariner.  This piece, all mounted on a 32,000 pound trapazoid base, depicts a scaled replica of a U.S. Navy nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine surfacing in an emergency blow from the depths of the ocean and captures it as it bursts through the surface. Behind stands the Lost Boat Wall that honors the sixty-five U.S. Navy submarines that have been lost at-sea along engraved with the dates they were lost and the number of crew men that lost their lives.

    As you tour the monument you will walk over over hundreds of memorial brick pavers that pay tribute to these losses embedded in the 4,200 capacity paver walking area.  Corporations, businesses, organizations both domestic and foreign, have all joined to pay special tributes to the "silent service" and those who have proudly served our nation.  As you continue your tour, you will find numerous bronze plaques and symbols that identify and recognize special people and organizations who help make this monument a reality and a special place to visit and honor those who serve in this unique volunteer service.

    For those who have supported this project, a heartfelt THANK YOU!  You have helped tremendously in achieving the goal of the United States Veterans to perpetuate the memory of all submariners with this monument.


The ASSM Foundation Committee



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